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MetaPack reports revenue increase

Friday, September 8th, 2017
MetaPack has announced that it has increased revenues by over £5.5m year on year.
In a statement issued today (8 September), MetaPack commented: “This 20% growth is further supported by a distinct upward trajectory in operating performance with EBITDA income shifting MetaPack from a £5.5m loss in 2016 to profit for this financial year.”
The company said it has also grown its global business over the past financial year, adding 40 new carriers to its delivery management platform and signing up 27 new top 100 eCommerce brands. It is on course to further expand new carriers by an additional 40-50 over the next 12 months.
Steve Rowley, Executive Chairman at MetaPack, said: “We raised £6m two years ago and this has further consolidated our core UK operation, supported acquisitions and growth in key international markets, and enabled us to ensure our scalable, reliable delivery platform is robust in the face of peak demands. Because we don’t capitalise in technology, we carried all the costs for the platform investment in the first year, which is why our EBITDA income in 2016 was so low.
“Growth in the team, however, means we have reached over 350 employees and the vast majority of them are developing and maintaining the platform. This intense concentration provides an enterprise level, highly available eCommerce delivery solution that not only assists our customers with their global growth, and gives us a distinct differentiation from our competition, but also provides the framework across which 500 million parcels will be delivered this year.”
The company said that its focus in the year ahead will be on facilitating improved, more streamlined carrier integration for retailers and brands using the delivery management platform.
“We have listened to our customers and we are putting additional resources into improving the responsiveness of the platform when it comes to carrier integration,” said Rowley.
“We understand that the speed with which retailers can access multiple carriers in multiple locations has a direct influence on the success of their eCommerce business.”
Source: MetaPack