“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Meeting with Chairman Postal Services Board

On 8.3.2018 the Secretary General, FNPO along with Sri T.N Rahate, Sri N.K Tygai, Sri PU Muralidharan, Sri B.Shivakumar, Sri Sivaji Vasireddy, Sri R H Guptha and  Sri Santosh Kadam met Secretary, Department of Posts. The official side was represented by Sri Saleem Haq, Member Tech, Deputy Director Tech and Director Tech. 
The outcome of the meeting.
1.       Secretary agreed to take up the matter with Cabinet Secretary for early implementation of Sri Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report. (our Federation is expecting the committee report will be implemented by the end of this month)

2.       Member Tech. agreed to settle all the CSI roll out related problems like Bandwidth, NTF locations and non-supply of RICT devices before 31.3.2018. Regarding RICT devices to BO’s the Department is going to complete the supply process by the end of June 2018.

3.       Secretary is agreed to issue for providing an opportunity for submitting the representation to the staff who have been awarded below “Very Good” benchmark in the last three years for the purpose of MACP.

4.  Implementation of cadre restructuring for the left out categories like RMS, MMS, CO and SBCO. Directorate called information from the Circles to clarify the quarries raised by the MOF.

5.  Department agreed to hold the meeting with the staff side before implementation of PNOP.