“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Meeting with Chairman Postal Board.

  Today SG FNPO and B.Sivakumar ASG FNPO met Secretary India Post and discussed the following issues.
1)   Implementation of positive recommendations of GDS Committee report.
Reply. Except a few, all the other recommendations of the Kamala Chandra accepted by the Department, the file has sent for mandatory approval. Approval is awaited.
2)   Implementation of cadre restructuring for left out categories, i.e RMS, MMS, PACO, Postmaster cadre and Postal Civil wing.
Reply : The file is still pending with Ministry of Finance
3)   Request to grant 7th CPC scale to Temporary status Group D officials
Reply: The matter will be referred to DOPT shortly.
Other P3 & GDS pending items with Directorate also discussed. More details will be published shortly.

                                                                                SG FNPO