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Lithuania’s lean machine speeds up parcel processing

Monday, September 11th, 2017
Lithuania Post has reported that it is has increased the speed at which it processes imported parcels by as much as 25% as a result of implement “LEAN” operational principles at its logistics centre in Vilnius.
“Following the re-distribution of human resources and improvement of work stations, in every 24 hours, we now distribute more imported postal items by a quarter. Parcels are sorted faster, and they reach not only post offices, but also the addressee, more rapidly, which is our fundamental goal,” said Algirdas Šimonis, Operations Director of Lithuania Post.
Lithuania Post explained: “The reform affected both the logistics of parcels and the work stations of sorters. Before, parcels used to travel along a longer chain of logistics, however, following the reform and renewal of the work stations of sorters, the time of processing of a postal item has shortened and the number of parcels sorted in an hour has increased.”
Essentially, LEAN is a methodology that eliminates waste and boosts efficiencies.
The company started preparing to apply the LEAN principles at the Vilnius centre two years ago.
“With LEAN consultants, we studied the theory and right away applied the knowledge in practice. In this manner, we ascertained that solutions were working. This first of all gave motivation to us, the management, therefore, it was not difficult to make the staff interested, too. We are happy to say that we have a team which offers solutions improving the work – kaizen (continuous improvement) ideas. On the other hand, these activities are not mandatory, therefore, if an employee is not interested in LEAN, we are not going to make him/her do what he/she does not want to,” said the Operations Director of Lithuania Post.
Source: Lithuanian Post