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International Yoga Day may be declared public holiday

NEW DELHI: International Day of Yoga could be declared a public holiday if a demand in this regard is made, Ayush minister Shripad Naik said on Wednesday.

Setting the stage for the second International Day of Yoga on June 21, Naik said though there was no need for a holiday since yoga is practised in the morning, his ministry would put forward the proposal to the government in the interest of promoting a practice which has multiple benefits.
"Last year also, no such demand came. But if the demand comes, I will request the prime minister to do so. Yoga's time is early morning. It will go on till around 8 am. There is no need for a holiday but if there is a demand for that, we will request the government," Naik said during the National Health Editors' Conference on the theme 'Yoga for Holistic Health Recent Researches'.

The minister said that as yoga is not complete without the chanting of 'Om', it was included in the common protocol but clarified that it was not mandatory.
Also, like last year, the surya namaskar will not be a part of this year'sYoga Day celebrations. "Surya namaskar is a complex exercise. It is difficult to do in 45 minutes, especially for people who are new to the exercise."

Last year, the day was celebrated in New Delhi's Rajpath with Modi taking the lead. This year, Chandigarh will host the event.
Source : TOI