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How did Media arrive the 7th CPC Minimum Pay as Rs.23400?

For the past few days some News Agencies belongs to TV networks are blabbering about 7th CPC Minimum Pay and Implementation.They repeatedly claimed that Empowered Committee recommends 30% Increase in minimum wage. Thus Minimum Pay will be increased from 18000 to 23400 and highest pay will be increased from 250000 to 325000.They actually exposing their ignorance by saying 30% increase will increase the Minimum Pay to 23400/-The 7th CP recommended 14.29 % increase in minimum PayThe Minimum Pay in Sixth CPC = 7000
Total DA as on 1.1.2016 125% = 8750
Total Pay = 15750
Minimum Pay Recommended by 7th CPC = 18000
Increase Over Sixth CPC Pay = 14.29%

If the Cabinet Committee decides to increase 30% , The Minimum Pay will be Rs. 20475. Rounding of to 1000 may take it to Rs.21000.

How are Some familiar and Established news Media telling that 30% increase will take the Minimum Wage to Rs.23400?
Without knowing the fundamentals of fixing Minimum Pay, they simply calculated 30% increase over Rs.18000 (which already has 14.29% inbuilt increase) and predicted Rs.23400 will be the Minimum Wage. This false news created buss among cg employees. Now everybody talking about Rs.23400 as Minimum Pay.

The NCJCM demanded to fix Rs.26000 as Minimum Wage according to Dr. Akroyd Formula based on the retail prices as on 1.1.2014. This is 65% increase over sixth CPC Minimum Wage +125% DA (7000+8750=15750).
If the government decide to increase the Minimum Wage 30% level, then the Minimum Pay will be Rs.21000 and Fitment factor will be fixed at 3.0.