“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

NAPE Group'C' AP Circle: CIrcle Council & CWC Meeting

 of National Association of Postal Employees, Group'C AP Circle was held under the presidentship of Sri.R.Sudhakar Circle President from 21.01.2018 to 23.01.2018 at Eswar Residency, Machilipatnam.
Sri.D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary attended as the chief guest and addressed the Council. The chairman of Machilipatnam municipal corporation Sri.Baba Prasad attended the meeting as a guest of honour and extended his support towards working class. General Secretary detailed the happenings at CHQ level with regard to technology development, cadre restructuring, Rural ICT, IPPB.He has narrated the anti-employee policies adopted by the Central Government which will create dangerous to the unity of the employees and Trade Unions. He also condemned the attitude of Union Government in not declaring the result of the membership verification held during 2015.All the Council members have participated in the discussion.The issues regarding the assignment of targets to operative staff disturbing their daily work and also routine which has been resulting pressure on the official and his family. The issue related to the non supply of forms and stationary as per the requirement and harassing the officials for the achievement of targets without supplying necessary forms as per the target fixed by the officers itself.The issues related to CSI and shortage of lazer printers and other hardware, the inactive attitude of the administration to provide requisite hardware and peripherals is pointed out. The inhabitable and non-living conditions of the quarters provided to the officials working at rural and also urban are widely discussed and many of the council members opined that the concept of post attached quarters should be reviewed as per the present scenarios.They also expressed the concept of post attached quarters should be abolished and the quarters allotted to the staff should up the standards with regard to area and facilities.
The members has raised an issue regarding the counting of training period for the purpose of MACP/TBOP/BCR and non-implementation of rules issued by the Directorate at divisional levels.
The problems faced in implementation of CSI are discussed in detail.The Council has come to a conclusion that the training given before implementation of CSI is not sufficient and the process of training to the officials to be conducted continuously. As there is a much confusion about the works to be carried out at accounts branch level. So as to maintain a uniformed accounting procedure across the Circle and to clear the ambiguity between different levels a workshop has to be conducted.
The council was conducted like a brainstorming session. In the CWC meeting to the post of Asst.Circle Secretary Sri.RLSR Prasad, PA Vijayawada ( Deputation at RO) is nominated and elected towards the vacant post.The views of the council members are discussed and resolutions are taken.
The Circle Union express sincere thanks to Machilupatnam National Union team for providing excellent arrangements for conducting Circle Council and for providing delicious food.
Our sincere thanks to Sri.D.Kishan Rao General Secretary for his attendance and for delivering precious information.
Sivaji Vasireddy