“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Formulation of National Policy for Domestic Workers-reg : Ministry of Labour & Employment.

We welcome the Labour Ministry intiation regarding Domestic Workers.

But why Labour Ministry and Government of India not interested to settle the GDS issue.

As per Department of Post Conduct & Engagement Rules,2011 GDS are not CG employees , not Contract employees , not Contingent employees , not Part -time employees , not temporary status emoyees , not casul employees.

Once up on a time it is a honourary post but now it is essential for survival of India Post.

GDS status not related to any labour law. Why? What is reason behind it ?

Department of Posts intentionally framed a Rule i.e.3A (i) of Conduct & Engagement Rule i.e.GDS are not allowed to perform their duties beyond 5 hours. 

But , there is no legality to this Rule and also unconstitutional. 

This Rule does not come under "Sub JudiceWhen Department amend this Rule , then GDS automatically will get full working hours of 8 hours.

So, GDS future depends upon Department decision.

CH.Laxmi Narayana
Circle Secretary , NUGDS