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FNPO affiliated unions agitational program is postponed

Today, the Directorate has called us for a meeting to discuss long pending issues of FNPO affiliated unions viz NUPE, MTS & NUCW.  The meeting was chaired by MS. Meena Datta, Director General (Addl) along with the Directors. 
NUPE PM & MTS meeting was held at 11.00 AM and it lasted up to 1300 hrs.  NUCW meeting was held in the afternoon 15.00hrs to 16.00hrs.
 MS. Meena Datta, Director General (Addl), assured that the details of the meeting will be intimated to The Chairman Postal Board immediately after his arrival to the Head Quarters.
 The minutes of meeting will be issued after the approval of Chairman (Postal Board).  Based on the assurance, the agitation program of FNPO affiliated Unions is  postponed for time being.