Royal Court update

CWU members turned up outside the Royal Court of Justice this morning, to give their full support to the union’s defence against Royal Mail’s legal challenge to the planned strike.
With ‘Postman Pat’ chasing the Royal Mail management ‘chickens’, the lively protest attracted the attention of passing Londoners on their way to work, while buses and cars tooted their horns in support.
And our London divisional sub-rep John Simkins kept up a verbal tirade over the megaphone, to the cheers of the assembled rally.
“Support you postal workers – say no to pension poverty,” urged John, who also called on the Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greener to “come and talk to your staff.”
On his way into the court, General Secretary Dave Ward took the megaphone and said: “Court rooms.don’t solve disputes.
“We’re going in there with a 90 per cent vote for action – and whatever happens today, we’ll be walking out of here with a 90 per cent vote for action.”
Also on his way in, Deputy General Secretary Terry Pullinger described Royal Mail’s legal bid as “the last throw of the dice from a scared and desperate company.”
Whatever happens today, Terry vowed: “We are determined this fight will go on.”
Labour MP Gill Furniss also pledged her support for the union’s fight for justice, telling the protest: “Despite the draconian laws imposed on workers, the CWU well surpassed the thresholds and sent a clear message to the company.”
* Proceedings began just after 10.30 and a verdict is expected at around 1pm