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Ref: 9/NUGDS//2017                                                24/07/2017
Shri A. N. Nanda, 
Postal Services Board,
Dak Bhavan
New Delhi 110 001.
Sub:  Black badge campaign supporting strike demands.
The Chairman, Postal Services Board is aware that our sister federation affiliated unions has proposed to go on a day's strike on 23/08/2017 & AIGDSU is already on indefinite strike.
My Federation is also supporting the strike demands of NFPE Federation and A.I.G.D.S.U and decided to go on, Black badge campaign on 22/08/2017 & Lunch hour demonstration at all working places.
My Federation  appeals the Chairman, Postal Services Board to take war footing action to settle G.D.S. Issues in particular and other postal issues with in a time frame.
Yours sincerely,
D. Theagarajan.
Secretary General.
DA: My Federation charter of Demands enclosed.

Copy to: All General secretaries of FNPO affiliated unions.
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