“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
GDS Commission report, Cadre Restructuring, & 7th CPC salary for TSCL latest position.
SGFNPO met the DDG’s on 22/05/2017. The outcome of the meeting is as follows:-

GDS Commission report.
1. GDS file is still with MOF, last week Department replied to all the queries raised by the MOF. It is expected that the MOF may clear the file within fifteen days. Other formalities may take ten to twenty days. We expect that GDS commission report will be implemented either in the last week of September or in the First week of October 2017.

2. Cadre Restructuring .
The committee proposes to visit Odhisa, Gujarat, Rajasthan & Tamilnadu were the CRC order was implemented.  After their visit, it is expected that the committee may submit its report to the Department in the 2nd week of September.

3. 7th CPC salary to TSCL
 The action is being taken by the Department to get the order from the DOP&T.