“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Sri.P.Ravindra Babu , Honorable Member of Parliament  agreed to raise GDS  issue during Question Hour in Parliament.
National Unions ( FNPO ) Amalapuram Division, Andhra Pradesh Circle Memorandum to Sri.P.Ravindra Babu , Hon'ble Member of Parliament.

Today Sri.Y.V.Ramana Dep.Circle Secretary NUGDS, Sri.M.Babji (Narasimham) Asst.Circle Secretary,NUPE PM&MTS , Sri.NVS Narayana , Member Advisory Committe with a delegation met Honorable MP and requested his intervention for early implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report.

 Hon'ble Member of Parliament promised the delegation that he will raise the issue during Question Hour in Parliament