“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

UNI Apro-APPU Joint Seminar: Revitalizing links, reaffirming teamwork for postal unions, Bangkok, July 10-14

UNI Apro organized a back-to-back joint seminar with the Asia Pacific Postal Union (APPU) from July 10-12 and with SEWU-THP (Thailand) from July 13-14. The seminar was held in Bangkok and it saw more than 20 brothers and sisters unionists from 16 unions across Asia joining 30 participants from Thailand.
Mr. Lin Hongliang, Director of APPU spoke about the global postal environment and explained the role of the Universal Postal Union and the Asia Pacific Postal Union. Mr. Amitabh Singh, APPU’s Course Director spoke about the changing business model for postal business in the new economy era and the role of human resource management in addressing the accompanying challenges. Sis. Kanako Osaki talked about how UNI, UNI Apro could work with trade unions to face these new scenarios.
   he participants had the opportunity to share about their union activities and postal services in their respective countries during the seminar. They also reaffirmed the importance of teamwork needed to address the upcoming challenges discussed.
This seminar series was started in 1999 with the cooperation of APPU and it has benefitted 283 postal unionists by 2017.