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Contrary To What The Govt Claims, Ban On Cattle Sale for Slaughter Will Affect Farmers Most

The meat and livestock exporters body today claimed that the government's decision to put a ban on the sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter will eventually hit the farmers.

It said a significant number of farmers usually arrives in these markets to sell their "unproductive" cattle.
"It is the unproductive cattle, which arrives in large number for sale in these markets, as their feasibility virtually cease to exist, while the per day maintenance cost goes up."The high yielding milching animals rarely arrive at the cattle market for sale. The per day cost incurred on a buffalo ranges from Rs 125 to Rs 150, while the general price of the milk sold is Rs 40 per litre. If the per day milk production dips, then gradually the cattle becomes unproductive,? spokesperson of the All India Meat and Livestock Exporters Association, Fauzan Alavi said.

Telangana BJP today said the decision would help agriculture sector and farmers as it would prevent distress sale of cattle.
"It will directly impact to reduce farmers suicides as distress sale is prevented. If farmers sell off their cattle, they are disconnected from agriculture," Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao said here.He also said that before taking such a move, the government should have discussed the issue with the stakeholders and dispel all their doubts.
The meat trader body also said that government should have given a window period to take necessary action.
"The meat industry in India is growing at an annual rate of five per cent on its own. Any such move is bound to hit the industry," Alavi said.
He also claimed that if the animal right activists are really concerned about the welfare of the animals then they must set up a mechanism to ensure that the cattle gets their fodder and is not compelled to consume polythene.
The government has banned the sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter.
The environment ministry has notified the stringent Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
As per the notification, the member secretary of an animal market committee will have to ensure that no person brings a young animal to the animal market.
"No person shall bring a cattle to an animal market unless upon arrival he has furnished a written declaration signed by the owner of the cattle - stating the name and address of the owner of the cattle, with a copy of the photo identification proof.
"Giving details of the identification of the cattle and stating that the cattle has not been brought to market for sale for slaughter," the notification said