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7th Pay Commission – Govt Saved 40,000 Crore in Delaying Implementation

The government saved Rs 40,000 crore by delaying the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. Sources say that the decision to delay was an intentional one and the government wanted to save a big chunk of money.
The delay caused a great deal of anguish and frustration to the central government employees. The employees say that the government played the role of a villain in delaying the  7th pay commission implementation.

The reason behind the delay

The government had a clear intention of saving on finances. It did not go into the hardship of the employees and their lower pay scale. The delay in fact helped the government save Rs 40,000 crore. This is the main reason why the implementation of the allowances were delayed.

No scope for higher pay

The government has repeatedly been requested to increase the basic pay. While unions have been pressing for the demand, the government says that there is non further scope to increase the basic pay.

Employees are frustrated but the Unions give no hope

The fact that the allowances were given from July 2017 made the central government employees very frustrated. All along they had waited for good news and thought that allowance with arrears would be paid from July 2016 onwards. The demands are there for higher arrears, but the frustration is likely to continue as the government at present is in no mood to oblige. However they feel that the unions too have gone into the shell and there is one to express their anguish and frustration to the government.
Source: oneindia