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7th Pay Commission: From Higher Allowance to implementation where does the story of 7CPC stands

7th Pay Commission – On Friday senior officials of Union Cabinet were expected to meet members of the panel over Higher Allowance and National Pension Scheme (NPS).
However sources indicate that the meeting did not take place.
As almost a year has passed, we try to figure out where does the story of 7th Pay Commission stand today.  The panel was constituted a day after the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.
This panel on the higher allowance, named ‘Committee on Allowance’ was also expected to make a major announcement on Friday following the submission of the report to the government. However that too didn’t happen.
As we all know, Prime Minister gave the nod for an additional 2 per cent increase in Dearness Allowance(DA) for all Central Government employees. Moreover, along with the DA, for pensioners, the Dearness Relief (DR) has been increased by 2 per cent with effect from January 1, 2017.
While reports claim that the increasing of the Dearness Allowance has benefited 48.85 lakh employees and 55.51 lakh pensioners, the central Government employees are now concerned about the Committee on Allowance’s decision.
But more importantly, although the DA has been hiked,  the Committee headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa is yet to submit the reports on other allowances, which were also scheduled to be increased once the 7th Pay Commission was implemented.
However, the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) on behalf of the Central Government employees expressed their dissatisfaction over the hiked 2% DA and said it should have been increased by at least 3%.
April 1, 2017, was the rumoured date for implementing the allowance hike but now that the report has not yet been submitted, it seems the rumour is to stay as it is.
Following this, the NJCA has warned of dire consequences if the Centre fails to implement the allowance hike from April 1.
Source: India.com